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String of Hearts Planting


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The String of Hearts Planting makes a coveted gift for the plant enthusiast with its whispy vines of heart-shaped foliage. This succulent vine can grow up to 12 feet long and thrives in heat and bright light but not direct sunlight. They thrive in South or West facing windows with a lot of light. Give it more light if the leaves begin to grow wider apart and lighter in color with less marbling.

Relatively low-maintenance in terms of time and attention needed to care for it, the String of Pearls Planting likes to be watered like a succulent. Let the soil dry out before watering. Planted in a pink ceramic pot and accented with a pink layer of sand on the soil, this planting is an ideal gift for your plant-loving Valentine.


  • 3-inch pink ceramic pot
  • The string of hearts plant
  • Accented with pink sand
  • A great Valentine gift for the plant fan