Sweetheart Hoya 6"

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The Sweetheart Hoya 6" (Hoya kerrii), or Valentine Hoya, gets its name from the thick heart-shaped  leaves making it a favorite for giving on Valentine's Day and when romance is in the air. Plant your hoya in a hanging basket near a window and before long you will have a basket full of thick, green heart-shaped leaves.

The Sweetheart Hoya prefers bright, diffused lighting but can tolerate some shady locations. The thick leaves are reservoirs of water making it drought-tolerant so water it only twice per month when the soil dries out completely. This easy-to-maintain plant is slow-growing but in the summertime clusters of white blooms with burgundy in the center.

Sold in the original 6" grower's container so consider picking up a new planter to give your new Hoya a home from our online pot collection. We will gladly plant it in your new pot for you. If you are considering giving this plant as a gift, be sure to check out our online card collection.