Tall White Porcelain Planter + Saucer

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Unique and modern, the Tall White Porcelain Planter + Saucer will stand out in your home or office, or your home office. Distinct in styling, this white porcelain container is ideal for a 4" or 5" plant from our plants unpotted collection. Manufactured with a drain hole and matching saucer to catch excess water, your plant will thrive in this planter, free of the worry of root rot. Pick a plant from our collection and our staff will gladly pot it up for you.

If your considering giving this beautiful pot as a gift, we recommend adding a plant, a card, then having our driver deliver for you. Our staff will help with all of the extra tasks from potting it up for you, to writing a note on the card from you.


  • Tall White Porcelain Planter
  • Drainage Hole with Matching Saucer
  • Measures: 5.3" D × 7.6" H
  • Plant not included

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