Terracotta Romey Pot + Tray

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The Terracotta Romey Pot + Tray is a stylish, modern container to pair with your favorite plant. The deep navy color will add a sophisticated look to your home office, bedroom, or living space. Available in three sizes: 4.25", 5", and 7" making it easy to find the perfect size for your plant of choice. Each pot has a pre-drilled hole to allow for proper drainage and a tray to capture excess water.

Choose a plant from our plants, unpotted collection and we will gladly plant your new friend in your Terracotta Romey Pot + Tray for you.


  • Terracotta ceramic modern container
  • Manufactured with pre-drilled water drainage hole + tray
  • Available in three sizes, 4.25", 5",  and 7"
  • Add a popular plant to this stylish pot