Terrazzo + Braided Rope Plant Hanger

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Display your green beauties in this 11-3/4" round Terrazzo + Braided Rope Plant Hanger. Braided at the top and decorated with beads around the terrazzo plant platform, this hanger offers a stylish option for a hanging plant up to 10" in size. Low or moderate light plants like the hoya, philodendron, or pothos will sprout runners that will fall from the hanger adding some drama and a bit of jungle fever to your plant collection.

Be sure the plant hanger is attached to a strong hook anchored in a stud in your ceiling before applying weight. Once you have installed the hanger, be sure to choose a plant that with thrive in the location.


  • Cement terrazzo plant platform
  • Braided, creme colored fabric construction
  • Stylish and modern with beaded accents
  • 11.75" platform diameter, 36" length from top to platform

 *The plant and pot pictured in the hanger are separate items. We are happy to sell you the combo.

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