Tillandsia fasciculata

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Tillandsia fasciculata is a large, popular flowering air plant with a stunning bloom. The Tillandsia fasciculata has a brilliant violet flower with about 15-40 floral bracts in colors of purple, hot pink, and yellow.

Fasciculata has no less than a dozen additional common names, a show of how popular this air plant has become. Like other air plants, it is easy to care for and requires limited attention. Mist weekly or give it a soak for 5 minutes in your kitchen sink and watch it thrive.

Airplants tolerate a range of light, from bright sunlight, under fluorescent home/office lighting, or in low-light. Be sure to give your air plants a regular soak in water to rehydrate if they are placed for lengths of time in direct, or indirect sun. Placed on a shelf, art installation, or displayed in an air plant hanger, you can't go wrong. If you are at a loss for ideas, just Google "tillandsia or air plant display" to find endless possibilities. 

The Tillandsia fasciculata air plant varies in size but averages around 6-10 inches in length.