Tiny Terracotta Seed Sprouting Kits

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The Tiny Terracotta Seed Sprouting Kit contains all the important ingredients to get you on the path to growing your own plants. Just add water and some sunshine and watch it sprout and grow.

The Tiny Terracotta Seed Sprouting Kit has a glazed interior and includes a nested coconut pot filter which provides drainage. It can also be transplanted into a larger pot if you want to grow your plant larger.  Each kit contains non-GMO seeds. Choose from Live Well Lavender, Thank You Daisies, Curious Catnip and Champagne Poppies.

An adorable gift, order online and grab a card from our greeting card collection. Then, pick it up curbside or have our drivers deliver for you.

Made with domestic and imported components and assembled in Chicago.
  • 3.5" h x 3.5" d
  • Designed to be reused
  • A great gift for the plant lover