Trio of Round Succulent Planters

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This Trio of Round Succulent Planters is nothing short of adorable. The textured geometric concrete containers provide a contemporary design for this grouping of three succulent planters. Sized to fit on a dresser, side table, or bookshelf, you can arrange to create your own arrangement or separate them to live on their own. Place in a location with bright diffused light and water once every two weeks or so and they will thrive.

This Trio also makes a great gift for a friend or partner. Grab a card from our online collection and we will transcribe your note inside, then let us deliver both for you.


  • A trio of healthy succulents 
  • Planted in geometric textured concrete containers
  • Sized to fit anywhere
  • A great gift item


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Susan G.

This was a staff gift and much appreciated!