Yellow Bombastic Minute Pot

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The Yellow Bombastic Minute Pot from Chive is a unique, multicolored ceramic pot, 5" wide x 5" tall. Each pot underwent a triple-dip glazing process to capture the look, so no two pots are alike. Portions of each pot are intentionally left raw to add interest and texture and the cement-like appearance adds a contemporary element.

Whether you have a boho-chic or a modern all-white aesthetic going on, the colors and textures of the glazes make sense to your space. Each pot has a predrilled drainage hole and saucer to provide good drainage.

Choose a plant from our plants' unpotted collection, and when you buy them together, we will gladly pot it up for you. And if you want, our team can deliver your new pot + plant to you.


  • Multicolored ceramic pot + saucer
  • Pre-drilled drainage hole
  • Triple-dipped glaze finish
  • A modern colorful addition to your home or office.