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A Houseplant for Every Personality | Simple Buying Tips

A Houseplant for Every Personality | Simple Buying Tips

Like people, plants have a personality. 

 Millennials have fallen hard for the houseplant as this New York Times article on millennials and their plant obsession detailed in March. You know it has hit peak attention when you get this hysterical spoof on how to care for houseplants in the same publication only three months later (a must-read!). Whether you’re young and new to plants, or young at heart and interested in adding a friend to your family, we have you covered.  This blog entry is all about plants and their personalities. With all this plant love happening, we wanted to give those of you who are just discovering the love of plants to learn the basics with this easy guide on the most popular houseplants and some simple buying tips. When you're ready to get yourself a new green friend come visit us. We think we have the best plant store in San Diego.

Houseplants make great gifts

Matching the right houseplant with the right person can be an exciting adventure but we are here to help. There are plants that like bright light and plants that like low light. Some thrive in humidity while others like it dry. Some need their roots moist all the time, while others like to dry out before they drink again. Plants come in all shapes and sizes so we decided to offer some insight into how you might approach the task of buying a new plant. Our trained team of plant specialists can help you in our Hillcrest plant and flower shop, or you can post a question in our comments section below. Some plants are well known as the cactus or pothos, while others offer a more mysterious. We will help you find the right plant for your home or office space and the level of work involved in caring for your new addition. If you aren't ready to take the plunge yourself remember that plants make great gifts so don’t hesitate to ask one of our plant specialists to help you with your selection. And remember, we deliver plants as well as flowers so go ahead, buy a plant as a gift for someone.

The MinimalistSansaveria in a white pot

Ideal for a contemporary home or office, the Sansevieria, also known as the Snake plant, will make your hip friend a happy camper. This easy-to-care-for plant shown above is in a 10″ ceramic pot, ideal for any contemporary setting at home, on a patio deck, or an office. This combination is available in three sizes and various color combinations in addition to high-gloss black and high-gloss white.

The Urban Cowboy    Cactus in yellow pot

There is a bit of outback in all of us, especially in the Southwest United States. The cactus above is in a 10″ buff clay ceramic pot and is an ideal plant for a Southwestern home, takes little effort to thrive, and enjoys plenty of warm sunshine on a patio or near a window. Available in 6”, 8” and 10” size pots with various cactus types. Have a preference? Just let us know, and we will make it for you.

The Spiritualist    Ponytail Palm

The swirling bands of long, striated leaves falling from the ponytail palm create a free-spirited vibe that makes this plant an eclectic, unique houseplant. A perfect gift for a yoga lover or tarot card reader, this plant is one that will be a talking point for years to come. Available in a variety of ceramic pot colors and sizes.

The New Bohemian   Monstera in a orange ceramic pot

A hat tip to Justina Blakeney and her lifestyle blog, Jungalow, to provide all the necessary design, style, and plant advice for what she calls, the New Bohemian. No other plant embodies that spirit like the mighty monstera deliciousa and its grand iconic leaf.  This houseplant is for those with a spirit of adventure who are bold and always trying something new. This hearty plant looks perfect in a matte black glazed ceramic pot (pictured above) next to a pattern on pattern, abstract textiles, bold colors, and bohemian decor as defined by Blakeney. Just don’t forget to give it some love. Available in various sizes and ceramic pot color combinations.

The Black Thumb    ZZ Planting

Everyone, even a black thumb, can master the care of the indestructible ZZ Plant. The ZZ needs little water as it thrives in a dry environment. This plant is used in offices and creative spaces around the world because it is so easy to care for and hard to kill. This plant is a perfect gift for the person who doesn’t have a mighty green thumb. Available in a variety of sizes and pot colors. We can also plant it in a custom pot of your choosing.

The Student    Pothos in a natural colored ceramic pot

What better for a student than a plant that can grow anywhere, including a bathroom with no sunlight, and even in a jar of water. The pothos plant can take a beating and keep on thriving through long nights and lonely days. A great simple houseplant for the person on the go, a busy student, or someone new to houseplants. Available in several pot colors and sizes.

The Professional    Fiddle Leaf Ficus in Yellow Ceramic Pot

One of the hearty houseplants, the fiddle leaf ficus (or fig) is an easy-care plant that is tall and showy with round plate-like leaves. You will find this beauty in professional offices and homes alike due to its look and ease-of-care. As a business professional would, this plant is ready to work and stands at attention. Available in a range of sizes and ceramic pot color combinations.

The Generalist        Dragon Tree

The dragon tree houseplant is the generalist because it is a great all-around plant that is ideal for homes and workspaces alike. Clean, simple, and a bit showy, this plant is one of the more popular choices we offer. Available in a range of sizes and pot color combinations. We can also plant one up in the pot of your choosing.

Pilea Peperiomodes

The Social Media Maverick      

We’ve documented the power of the pilea in the social media world of Instagram before, but there is no getting around this plant's popularity. We have a hard time keeping this in-stock and people gravitate to it for housewarming gifts, birthdays, and special occasions. We offer custom pilea plantings or choose from one of our fun container options. And don’t forget to take a look at our pilea care tips.



The Succulent Lover 
Succulent Garden

Succulents are the everyday plant of the millennial generation. Even the best urban gardener, however, likes to mix it up and find new ways to plant, nurture, and grow. Check out our selection of succulent gardens, air plants, and terrariums. Any way you grow it, we have you covered.     

Need additional help?

We stock several paperback plant books that are great resources for a new urban plant adventure. Happy Houseplant is a small but packed guide to picking and caring for houseplants while Plant Society and Leaf Supply add insight into using houseplants for interior design and styling along with valuable care tips.

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