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ZZ Plant


The ZZ Plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia) is a great plant for beginning gardeners due to its ease of care. Plus, it will add some style to your space. The 4" or 6" ZZ plant is ideal for a tabletop or smaller area, whereas the 8" or 10" ZZ is better for placement on the floor. The ZZ tolerates a wide range of lighting from low to bright, indirect light.

The ZZ plant has waxy, oval-shaped leaves that branch off thick at the bottom and tapers to a point at the top. If you're looking for a beautiful plant that won't suffer from your brown thumb, the ZZ is the one.

Sold in the grower's container. The one way to kill your ZZ is to let the roots sit in water and rot. We recommend transferring your new plant into a quality container with appropriate drainage. We recommend the Momma Pot Gemstone cylinder sold in various colors or a multi-colored pot from the Chive collection. 

Customer Reviews

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Luis C.
love this plants

It was so simple and easy to order from Green Fresh Florals + Plant. The plants arrived in great condition, the packaging was very nice and the delivery was fast and easy. I ordered the 6" string of pearl and the 6" zz plant. both plants are amazing. The only thing that i would add is that i wish the plants would come with instructions on how to maintain them or information about the plants. But i would definitely order from them again.

Thank you for the wonderful review. We have free custom care cards for each of the plants we carry. We clearly forgot to include in the delivery. Our apologies. Give us a call and we will send you the care cards for each of your plants.

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