Explore What Makes the Snake Plant Unique - Green Fresh Florals + Plants

Explore What Makes the Snake Plant Unique

Medium Antique Teal Gemstone Potted Snake Plant from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

The Snake Plant: A Gemstone Collection Spotlight


Resilient Elegance


The Snake Plant, or Sansevieria trifasciata, effortlessly embodies the essence of our new Gemstone Potted Plant Collection. As one of the most robust and visually striking plants, it is ideal for both seasoned plant parents and beginners. Coupled with a San Diego-designed Gemstone Cylinder, the Snake Plant transcends the realm of ordinary houseplants—it becomes a bona fide work of art.


Aesthetic and Style Elements
 6" Snake Plant in a 6.5" Medium Granite Gemstone Cylinder Pot from Green Fresh Florals + Plants
The Snake Plant's architectural structure makes it a go-to choice for modern, chic interiors. Its sword-like leaves offer height and texture, suitable for home and professional settings. This simple plant becomes a living sculpture in a richly colored Gemstone Cylinder. The possibilities are endless—you can create a standalone statement or mix and match it with other plants from our Gemstone Collection for a dynamic display.


Ideal for Gifting


Gift giving is made simple and meaningful with the potted Snake Plant. Its resilience and symbolism of endurance make it an apt choice for many occasions—be it birthdays, anniversaries, or even corporate events. The choice of up to ten Gemstone Cylinder colors allows for a personalized touch, catering to your gift recipient's tastes.


Design Flexibility

The Medium Gemstone Potted Snake Plant from Green Fresh Florals + Plants


The Snake Plant's unique structural form adds a new layer of versatility to your design playbook. The vertical lines can break up a room dominated by horizontal elements, and its imposing silhouette can serve as a natural focal point. The choice of Gemstone Cylinder sizes—from small to large—further allows you to scale the plant to your specific space requirements.




Care Tips: Keeping Your Snake Plant Healthy

Light and Placement
The Snake Plant’s adaptability is remarkable. It performs well in low light conditions and equally enjoys bright, indirect light. A spot near a north or east-facing window is usually optimal.


Known for its drought tolerance, the Snake Plant requires minimal watering—once every 2-3 weeks in warmer months and 4-6 weeks in cooler periods. It's always best to err on the side of under-watering to prevent root rot.


Plant food is an important element in caring for your botanical buddy. A balanced, general-purpose houseplant fertilizer applied every 6-8 weeks during the growing season is all it needs. Be cautious to avoid over-fertilizing, which can lead to nutrient imbalances. Talk to our staff for more detailed information on the various options for plant food we offer at Green.


Temperature and Humidity
Tolerant of a wide temperature range (50 to 104°F) and indifferent to humidity levels, the Snake Plant is among the most forgiving plants you could choose.


Historical Context and Beyond


Tracing its roots back to West Africa, the Snake Plant carries a cultural tapestry rich in folklore and traditional medicine. Often dubbed the "viper's bowstring hemp," its fibers were historically used to make bowstrings. Its presence is often associated with protective and spiritual qualities, particularly in African cultures where it's considered a guardian against evil forces.


The Medium Gemstone Potted Snake Plant from Green Fresh Florals + PlantsA Holistic Perspective


The Snake Plant is one of the few plants highlighted by NASA for its air-purifying capabilities. Unique in its ability to perform photosynthesis at night, it improves air quality around the clock, making it a stellar choice for bedrooms or office spaces where improved air quality can enhance well-being.


That’s a Wrap!


More than a mere decorative element, the potted Snake Plant in a Gemstone Cylinder epitomizes resilience, aesthetic flexibility, and a host of benefits that extend from the visual to the environmental. Join us as we continue to explore the multifaceted beauty and utility of our Gemstone Collection—one pot, one plant, one story at a time.


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