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Flower Power: The Science Behind Flowers

The Power of Flowers: Science Proves Flowers Bring Happiness and Reduce Stress

Those blooms you see as you pass the flower shop do more than look beautiful and smell good. This graphic illustration demonstrates how science has proven that flowers increase happiness and reduce stress. So next time, stop, smell and buy some flowers.
Twenty Must Follow Plant Instagrammers

20 Must Follow Plant Instagrammers

For lovers of houseplants and social media, the two meet on Instagram and beauty unfolds before your very eyes. The social media site is full of accounts dedicated to houseplant lust and the unending feed of photographs are attracting followers by the thousands. We recommend these 20 must-follow plant Instagrammers.
Repot Your Houseplant in 8 Easy Steps

Repot Your Houseplant in 8 Easy Steps

Keep your houseplants happy and healthy by following our 8 simple steps that will make repotting your green friends simple and easy. We offer tips and suggestions that will help you know when it is the right time to repot your plants and when you can wait. Want to ensure you have happy and healthy plant pictures of your urban jungle to share on social media? Read this blog.

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