How Florists Keep Flowers Alive Longer

By Carlos Franco

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Extend the life of your flowers with these tips

By Carlos Franco, Creative Director and Shop Owner

Revitalize your floral experience with our expertly curated tips for longer-lasting blooms!

At Green Fresh Florals + Plants, our passion for flowers goes beyond mere aesthetics; we're dedicated to ensuring that your blooms, whether from your garden or our store, remain vibrant and fresh, infusing your life with beauty and joy for extended periods.

Delivering Freshness: We take immense pride in offering the freshest, most radiant cut flowers, meticulously selected to ensure prolonged life and the utmost joy they bring into your world. Our commitment to freshness is not just a promise; it's a passion reflected in every bouquet we craft.

Insider Secrets for Flower Longevity: As a longtime florist, I want to share with you the same trade secrets we use daily, ensuring your cut flowers stay lively and beautiful longer. Whether these tips are new to you or familiar practices, they are sure to enhance your flower care routine.

1. Optimal Stem Care: The secret to long-lasting flowers starts the moment you bring them home. Give their stems a fresh cut before placing them in water. Re-trim the stems every few days, especially when changing the water, to maximize their water uptake and keep them looking perky.

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2. Strategic Leaf Removal: Before arranging your flowers, meticulously remove any leaves that would sit below the waterline in the vase. This reduces the risk of bacterial growth in the water, keeping it clean and odor-free. It also ensures the flowers focus their energy on their stunning blooms.

3. Vase Selection Mastery: The choice of vase can significantly affect the lifespan of your cut flowers. Our expert florists are at your service to help you pick the perfect vase that not only fits the aesthetic of your arrangement but also supports the health and shape of your flowers. From sleek, tall vases to chic, low-profile bowls, our selection caters to every arrangement style.

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4. Temperature Tricks for Blooms: Kickstart the opening of your flowers with warm water, then switch to cold to preserve their freshness. This gentle temperature transition is a florist's trick to prolong the life and vibrancy of your blooms.

5. Regular Water Refreshment: Changing the vase water every two or three days is crucial. Fresh, clean water is the lifeline for cut flowers, helping prevent bacteria and keeping them hydrated. In hot weather, consider placing the arrangement in the refrigerator overnight to slow down aging and keep blooms crisp.

6. Selective Pruning for Aesthetic Beauty: As flowers naturally progress through their life cycle, remove any wilting or dead blooms. This not only maintains the visual appeal of your arrangement but also prevents the spread of decay to healthier flowers.


White Cut Tulips from flora | blog, How Florists Keep Flowers Alive Longer

7. Ideal Location for Flower Longevity: The placement of your flower arrangement plays a pivotal role in its lifespan. A cool, shaded spot with indirect sunlight is ideal. This minimizes exposure to elements that can hasten wilting, ensuring your flowers stay fresh longer. Tropical blooms like orchids are the exception, thriving in warm and humid conditions.

8. Utilizing Flower Food: If your flowers come with a packet of flower food, it’s a valuable asset. This blend of nutrients, pH stabilizers, and antibacterial agents is formulated to extend the vibrancy and health of your flowers. By using it, you're giving your blooms the nourishment they need to flourish.

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At Green Fresh Florals + Plants, we are thrilled to guide you in experiencing the full potential of your flowers. Follow these pro tips, and see the difference in how your flowers bring enduring color and joy to your everyday spaces. Remember, it's not just flowers you're nurturing; it's the beauty and happiness they add to your life.


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