6 Tricks Florists Use to Keep Cut Flowers Alive

Learn the 6 simple tricks florists use to keep fresh cut flowers alive longer. Then do the same.

Whether you’re growing flowers in your garden or purchasing your flowers from a flower retailer (hopefully from our latest selection available online) we want to help you make your flowers last. To help you, we compiled a short blog detailing six tricks that are simple and easy to use to help you preserve your flowers, so they last longer and extend the happiness they bring into your life and home. At Green Fresh Florals + Plants, we pride ourselves in delivering the freshest cut flowers to maximize the life of your arrangement, and the joy our flowers bring into your world.

Here are the six tricks and an extra tip or two thrown in for good measure, we share with all our customers on how they can extend the life of their cut flowers. Some you may already know and use, others may be new. Either way, I hope you find them useful in keeping cut flowers alive longer.

Peony cuttings with scissors

1. Always Cut the Stems

If you purchase your flowers from a grab-n-go vendor, when you get home with them, you should cut the stems before putting them in water.  If you are buying an arrangement from a professional florist, this should already be cut, and your flowers will be good for a few days. However,  it’s still important to clip the stems after a few days. This will allow fresh water to penetrate the stem.

Every three days or so, using sharp scissors or pruning shears, cut about one inch from the bottom of each stem at a 45-degree angle. Doing so prevents the stem from squishing and allows it to absorb more water.  You can either cut each stem individually or a small group at the same time. Either way, remember to keep the angle at 45 degrees.

2. Cut back the foliage

Before you place your cut flowers in a vase, take some time to remove any extra leaves at the base of the stem that would likely rest under the waterline once the flowers are in the container. Eliminating extra foliage will decrease any bacteria in the water, helping keep the water clear and clean longer and free of any foul odors. By removing the excess leaves, the flower’s energy will be focused on the main bloom, helping keep it alive longer. As one of San Diego's premier floral shops, cutting and removing extraneous leaves is a regular part of how we spend our day.

3. Choose the right container

The right sized jar is an essential element in the life of your cut arrangement. At Green Fresh Florals + Plants, we employ trained florists who can help you choose the right sized receptacle to ensure that the clipped stems fit nicely into the mouth of the vase. If the vase is too narrow, the stems might get squished. If the mouth of your vase is too wide, the arrangement will not have any shape. At our Hillcrest flower + plant stop, we carry a variety of different sized vases and containers designed to hold various flowers. Some work best for short and stocky, while others are better for tall and showy flowers. Our team can help you make the right choice.

One option that often scares beginners away is using a low vase, in the shape of a cube or small bowl. To make it work, you will need to cut the stem length significantly. Don’t be afraid to choose a low vase, like a cube or small fishbowl, and drastically clip the stems. Using a clean vessel, fill it two-thirds of the way to the top with fresh, cold water. If you are trying to get your flowers to open, you should substitute cold water for warm water. The warm temperature will help facilitate the opening of the bloom. But remember, if you are trying to keep you cut flowers alive longer you will want to use cold water when you replace the water.

Peony close up

4. Change the Water

Fresh, clean water will keep your cut flowers alive longer. About every two days take the flowers out of the vase and replenish the water. Rinse the vase with warm water to clean it out then fill it to two-thirds with fresh water. If you have a packet of “plant food” provided by many florists (see below) to help keep your arrangement alive longer, this is a perfect time to add it. If you have dying foliage, it is a good idea to remove it now as well.

Special tip: Placing your arrangement in the fridge overnight as florists do will also help extend your flower's life. While this may be difficult depending on the size of the arrangement, it is a nifty trick that will do wonders for your flower's life especially in the summertime when the flowers are in warm air throughout the day.

5. Remove dying flowers

Everything has a season, and there will be a time when some of your flowers will start to fade and turn dark. Despite all the hard work by those supplying your flowers, and your extra effort to keep them alive, some blooms will begin to wilt within a week.

To continue to enjoy your flowers, remove blooms that are wilting and dying as they can begin to grow mold and contaminate the still pretty blooms. While this won’t do anything to extend the life of your flowers, it will keep your arrangement looking good, longer.

Keeping your cut flowers in the right place can make a significant impact on their life. Place your arrangement in a shaded, cool area that receives indirect sunlight. The colder temperature helps preserve the blooms.

Penies in a irridescent glass vase

6. Place your arrangement in the best spot

Keeping your cut flowers in the right place can make a significant impact on their life. Place your arrangement in a shaded, cool area that receives indirect sunlight. The colder temperature helps preserve the blooms.

It is also essential to keep cut flowers away from fruits in the kitchen or on the table. Believe it or not, fruits and veggies give off ethylene gas, which contributes to flowers wilting. A stink bomb if you will. Cut carnations are particularly susceptible to the gas, but one apple won’t kill a whole bunch of flowers. Just don’t set your flowers next to a large bowl of fruit.

And one more trick...

If your flowers arrive with a small packet of “flower food” you should use it. While the ingredients vary depending on the manufacturer, most contain sugar to feed the flowers, acid to maintain the pH levels of the water, and last a bit of bleach to reduce the number of bacteria and fungi in the vase water. All three help extend the life of the flowers.

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April 09, 2018
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