Austral Gem Fern

Size 4"
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Introduce the Austral Gem Fern (Asplenium x ‘Austral Gem’™) into your home for a touch of verdant charm and minimal upkeep. Known for its robust and glossy dark green leaves, this fern features a unique waxy coating that helps retain moisture, reducing the need for frequent watering and eliminating leaf shedding. Enjoy a cleaner living space without the hassle of constantly picking up fallen leaves.

The Austral Gem Fern's thick, lustrous leaves not only add a splash of green to any room but also bring a polished look that complements both modern and traditional decors. Its compact size makes it ideal for areas with limited space, enhancing your home with its lively yet tidy appearance.

Care Instructions:
- Light Requirements: Thrives in low to moderate light settings. Avoid direct sunlight to protect its leaves from scorching.
- Watering Needs: Water the plant when the soil feels dry to the touch. The waxy leaves help retain moisture, so it requires less frequent watering compared to other ferns.
- Humidity: Benefits from occasional misting to maintain humidity, especially in dry environments. Once a week should suffice to keep it thriving.

Safety for Pets:
The Austral Gem Fern is safe for pets. It is non-toxic to both cats and dogs, making it a worry-free choice for pet owners looking to beautify their homes with safe, indoor greenery.

Perfect For:
- Adding greenery to low-light areas such as bathrooms or basements where other plants might struggle.
- Those seeking a low-maintenance plant that still offers aesthetic appeal.
- Pairing with stylish pots from our collections, such as the Gemstone cylinder from Momma Pots or Sesame Gemstone cylinder, to enhance its decorative impact while ensuring good drainage to prevent root rot.

Elevate your indoor gardening with the Austral Gem Fern, a durable and elegant plant that fits seamlessly into any home environment. Its easy care and pet-friendly nature make it an excellent choice for both novice and experienced plant enthusiasts.

Medium, Diffused Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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