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Plant & Pot Sizes Explained

Understanding the correct pot size to purchase with your new plant can be confusing. Most plant specialists recommend increasing your pot size by two inches from the size of your plant. For a 4" plant, you would purchase a 6" pot to allow plenty of room for your plant to grow. This is a general rule of thumb and not set in stone. 

We created the chart below to help visually illustrate the standard size scale of standard cylinder pots. But pot sizes vary, so always check the pot for accurate labeling.

Here are a few additional tips:

  • Some manufacturers size their pots differently. For example, Momma Pots begins their pot size scale at 4.5", and the sizes increase in varying increments. Be safe and double-check the bottom of the pot to see if the size is on the label, or ask one of our staff members for assistance.
  • If you rely on the rack or shelf label to find the correct pot size, double-check the bottom of the pot, as often shoppers do not place the pot back on the correct shelf or bin. Additionally, some retailers simplify and save space by grouping similar sizes under one size category: for example, all pots that are 4.0", 4.25", 4.5", and 4.75" in diameter are stocked in the same area marked with a 4" pot label. Save yourself a trip back to the store by verifying the pot size before you purchase it.
  • Most pots manufactured with a pre-drilled hole to allow water to drain away from the roots are paired with a matching saucer. The example below is from Momma Pots. If your pot has a matching saucer, don't forget to take it home with you. It is a standard part of the pot.

Understanding Pot Sizes Chart and Description from Green Fresh Florals + Plants

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