Alocasia African Mask

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The Alocasia African Mask (Alocasia x amazonica) is a stunning houseplant with captivating arrow shaped leaves with contrasting white veins. Alocasia is a species that has many varieties and hybrids. The African mask is a popular variety that can grow to be a prized specimen in a collection because it is eye-catching and often the focal point in a room.

If you are purchasing the African mask for a gift, be sure the recipient is a plant lover who has the extra touch to nurture this beauty. Grab a card from our greeting card collection and let our drivers deliver it for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Humidity is the magic element to thriving African mask alocasia. Mist it often and consider placing it on a tray of rocks with a layer of water to add humidity.

Grouping plants around the alocasia also adds humidity.

Plant your alocasia in a container with a drain hole and saucer for proper water drainage and to avoid root rot.

Alocasia prefer moist soil. Feed monthly.

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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