Air Blue Crystal Succulent Garden

Size 7"
Plant & Pot Sizes Explained

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This Air Blue Crystal Succulent Garden is part of our Ritual Collection, a curated grouping of items meant to empower, inspire and reflect. We planted unique succulents of different shapes and colors then added a fine layer of white sand across the top of the soil. We then placed an Amethyst gem among the plantings. Available in 7" or 9".

This modern succulent garden is designed to help bring you, or someone you care for, a respite from the days stresses while providing a modern, stylish addition to your home or office decor. Place it where you meditate , relax, or sit and read.

A thoughtful and unique gift for a birthday or special occasion, pick a card and have our driver deliver for you.


  • Reusable 7" or 9" porcelain pedestal bowl from Momma Pots
  • Mixture of unique succulents
  • Finished with a fine layer of sand and gemstone
  • Easy to maintain and drought tolerant
  • Ideal gift for the busy professional

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.