Alocasia Calidora

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Size 10"
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The Alocasia Calidora is a tropical gem with its beautiful oversized, heart-shaped leaves with accenting veins that will add a spectacle to your home. Also known as the Elephant Ear, this stunning plant with its size is ideal for placing near a living room window or outdoor patio in San Diego.

The Alocasia Calidor prefers bright, indirect sunlight and humidity, giving it a mist every week. The Alocasia will do well in partial shade and thrives in temperatures between 65-85 degrees. Keep the soil moist to help achieve optimum growth. New leaves unfold from the base in an exciting choreographed performance.

The 10" Alocasia Calidora makes a superb housewarming gift. Pick a planter from our collection, and our staff will pot it for you. Grab a card, then pick it up curbside or have our drivers deliver it for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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