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Bird of Paradise


Our Bird of Paradise comes planted in a contemporary ceramic container (available in various colors to fit your style and decor) and can stand more than 6 feet tall. 

Choose the medium size (2.5-4' tall) if you're looking for a large plant to anchor a table or credenza. Birds thrive outside so this size is ideal of a small patio as well.

The Bird of Paradise large size (about 4.5'-5' tall) or X-Large (4.5-6' tall) is ideal for placement on the floor next to a window or as a backdrop behind a chair, desk or couch. The Bird of Paradise thrives in bright light and is tall and showy while adding warmth and style to a home or office setting.  

Bird of Paradise plants, while hearty, are sensitive to frost so make sure to keep it inside during colder months if you live in an area where frost is common.