Black Crystal Succulent Garden

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Size 7"

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The handcrafted Black Crystal Succulent Garden combines the beauty of the 7" or 9" pedestal bowl from Momma Pots with a selection of hearty succulents and finished with a fine layer of white sand and a stunning amethyst stone to promote groundedness, tranquility, and calm. This easy-to-maintain garden is an ideal gift or the perfect addition to add some style to your own home or office. 

The Black Crystal Succulent Garden is ideal for the budding plant fan or the busy professional due to its easy maintenance. Grab a card and let our drivers deliver for you. 


  • 7" or 9" black Momma Pot pedestal bowl
  • Assorted hearty succulents
  • Finished with white sand and amethyst
  • Low-maintenance
  • Ideal for gift giving