Boys with Plants | 50 Boys and Plants They Love

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You don't have to love hot guys or plants to appreciate Boys with Plants 50 Boys and Plants they Love. Anybody with an Instagram account will be very familiar with the origin of this book which was born from a mix of sexy guys and beautiful plant photography posted daily on Instagram.

Following the format of their wildly popular Instagram feed, this stylish collection is a great addition to any plant enthusiasts collection or anyone who is captivated by cute guys who show a tender spot for houseplants. Ideal for a short read in the bathroom or an addition to a guest room, this fun hardback book contains bios of each gardener, tips on selecting, growing, and styling plants. This book is a great gift that will inspire budding growers with beautiful photography on every page. 

Our take: A fun addition to your plant library, Boys with Plants will be popular with guests and gay boys alike. If you are looking for a detailed plant guide or reference resources on plant care and propagation, then there are better guides. If your interested in a book that adds some fun and plant eye candy to your home, this is the book for you. 

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