Calathea Makoyana 6''

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Like the stained glass windows on a grand church, the Calathea Makoyana 6" (Calathea makoyana), also known as the Cathedral Windows Plant,  displays stunning leaves that are reminiscent of those beautiful displays of glass art.

The Calathea Makoyana leaves are unique in their color and pattern. The top of the leaf has a light, luminescent background with a darker border and pattern that mirrors the look of a branch with leaves. The bottom is tinted with a burgundy color that follows the same pattern as the top, only in burgundy. As the day unfolds, so do the leaves, which then close at night, giving it the common name of "prayer plant" as it mimics the act of praying.

Calathea can be more challenging to keep happy, and they require additional attention to maintain. They thrive in bright, indirect light with moist, well-draining soil. They prefer humidity and warmer temperatures. Pick a well-draining planter and one of our staff will pot your Calathea for you. If your gifting this beauty, pick a card and have our drivers deliver it for you.