Calathea Rosy

Size 4"
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The Calathea Rosy (Calathea rosea picta 'Rosy') is a stunning, colorful plant with bold, magenta leaves with ednges in deep green giving it a dramatic look. A member of the Prayer Plant family, it will move its leaves along with light and close them in the evening. 

The Rosy preferes medium-bright indirect light and humidity. Place it on a bed of pebbles with water to give it regular humidity. Misting will help. Pet friendly, this Calathea is a bit more work but well worth it.

Pick a well-draining planter and one of our staff will pot your Calathea for you. If your gifting this beauty, pick a card and have our drivers deliver it for you.

Medium, Diffused Light

Recommended for homes with pets.