Casa Verde Incense

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Scent Garden

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Exclusive to Green Fresh Florals + Plants, our Casa Verde Incense collection includes five fragrant options ideal for helping you relax, reduce stress, and celebrate. Options include:

  • Garden combines Lemongrass & Rose oil to support personal focus, love, concentration, and relaxation/calm.
  • Ritual comprises Dragon's Blood and Sandalwood oils and serves as a fragrance for protection, purification, spirituality, and courage.  
  • Santal contains Sandalwood, Cedar, and Bergamot oils that support healing, purification, spirituality, and protection.
  • Patchouli, a classic oil, is sweet, spicy, and musky and used to promote sensuality, growth, love, and abundance. 
  • Copal is a light, sweet, catalyst for love, purification, and spiritually uplifting.  

The Casa Verde Incense serves to aid in relaxation, spiritual exploration, and ritual. Check out our line of incense holders, a perfect addition to your essential ritual tools.