Concrete Succulent Planting

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Our hand-crafted Concrete Succulent Planting is the perfect gift for the special guy in your life, to celebrate a housewarming, or to send someone you love a new addition to their urban jungle. Made to order in our Hillcrest plant and flower shop, this planting of native California succulents and cacti in a round shallow cement planter is perfect for a sunny room or outdoor patio table. 

Available in two colors: grey and burnt orange and in two sizes: 13" diameter and 17" diameter. The 13" size is ideal for a condo or smaller space with plenty of bright, indirect sunshine, while the 17" requires a larger area, indoors or out, like a patio or entryway where bright, indirect s is prevalent.

Pick a card, and let us deliver this planter and card for you.

Assorted succulents and cacti.

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