Crystals: The Stone Deck

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Crystals: The Stone Deck is a beautiful deck of 78 cards, each with a photograph of a stunning crystal on the front and a descriptive profile of each stone's powers and purpose, is magical. Crystals: The Stone Deck, part of our Ritual Collection, provides a creative and fun approach to learning about crystals and their powers in easy to digest nuggets.

Like a regular deck of cards, you can pull a random card but in this deck, it will offer you a gift from the universe to inspire your thought and shape your actions. Pair it with a candle to provide some aromatherapy for an escape from the daily stress.

This wonderful deck was curated by the app makers behind Stone which provides digital insight into crystal healing. Full of positive energy, crystal wisdom, and inspiration, this deck makes a wonderful gift for the seeker of spiritual knowledge and expertise about crystals.


  • 78 unique cards profiling crystals
  • Detailed information on each crystal
  • Insight and wisdom behind the magic of crystals and their power
  • A great gift for the spiritually inclined

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