Desert Cactus

Size 10"
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The Desert Cactus (Euphorbia ammak) is a succulent that grows like a tree with a proud posture. A native of the deserts of Saudi Arabia and Yemen, the Desert Cactus thrives in direct sunlight with only a tiny amount of water. Also referred to as an African Candelabra because of its shape, the Desert Cactus will also thrive indoors and adds a stylish specimen to your plant collection.

While each specimen is unique and varies in the exact size, our selection averages between 20"-22" high above the soil. Sold in a grower's pot, this size cactus is ideal for planting in a 10" planter. Our staff will gladly pot it for you, complimentary.


  • "Green" Desert Cactus
  • Thrives in direct sun with limited water
  • Easy to maintain and visually engaging
  • Pair it with a ceramic planter, and our staff will pot it for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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