Designer Orchid Planting


The Designer Orchid Planting is a popular choice for many of our customers. Orchid plantings are versatile options to consider for any event, from weddings to memorial services. We offer our Designer Orchid Planting in three sizes: single stem, double stem, and the deluxe triple stem option and the color option of white or purple. 

White orchids are a versatile choice because they convey both love and sentiments of loss, and are often sent to express sympathy for an individual or family in their time of loss.  Purple is a popular color for sending as a housewarming gift, to celebrate a birthday or wish someone good health. 

A relatively easy plant to care for, this long-lasting tropical orchid thrives in a warm, humid environment. For best results, keep it out of direct sunlight or extreme cold and give it a spray from a mister once a week.


  • The Designer Orchid planting is available in three sizes and two colors
  • The triple stem "Deluxe" Designer Orchid is delivered in a three-legged white ceramic pot with plantings and moss.
  • The single and double stem plantings are delivered in a clean, contemporary ceramic vase.
  • Locally grown to guarantee freshness
  • Order online and let our drivers deliver for you