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Fiddle Leaf Fig 8"

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One of our most popular plants, the 8-inch Fiddle Leaf Fig (Ficus lyrata) is a great choice to anchor a room or corner of an office. Not only will a fiddle leaf fig look great in your home or office, but it will also help purify and humidify the air. The fiddle leaf thrives in warm, wet conditions (they are tropical) and bright, diffused light.

The fiddle leaf fig will adapt easily to your home or office and once acclimated it can grow up to 6ft tall or taller. Keep the broad, fan-shaped leaves clean of dust by simply dusting or misting the leaves.  Water once a week as overwatering your fig can kill it while waiting too long to water it can cause the leaves to brown and drop. 

Sold in the 8-inch grower's original container. Pick a container from our online collection and we will gladly plant it in the pot for you.

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