Flourish All-Purpose Organic Plant Food

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Experience vibrant plants with Flourish All-Purpose Organic Plant Food! Flourish delivers a boost of 70% quick-release, plant-ready nutrients plus 30% slow-release, microbe-dependent food to sustain healthy growth in your plants. 100% water soluble, this eco-friendly, biodegradable, organic, and upcycled solution has recyclable and compostable packaging so that you can use and reuse it confidently.

Flourish's gentle formulation of macro- and micronutrients protects from the overeager plant parent's tendency to over-fertilize or "burn" plants with synthetic chemical-based fertilizers. Feed your plants and soil with a carefully balanced dose of naturally derived nutrients and plant-friendly microbes to enhance growth and resilience.

Try Flourish Plant Food for plants that genuinely flourish! Pair your fertilizer with the fun, functional, limited-edition Flourish Glass 'Dilusion' Vessel for easy measuring and feeding of your plants.