Funky Phrases Pot Collection

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Add a touch of whimsy and personality to your plant collection with the Funky Phrases Pot Collection, featuring two uniquely designed pots that are as playful as they are stylish.

1. Just One More Funky Phrases Pot: Embrace your love for plants with the 'Just One More' pot, a charming addition to any plant enthusiast’s collection. This footed cylinder pot showcases a white speckled base, adorned with a delightful decal of green squiggly leaves set against a pink background. The playful phrase 'Just One More' is artfully integrated into the design, making this pot a perfect pick for those who can't resist adding just one more plant to their growing collection. Ideal for both home and gift stores, or modern plant shops, this indoor plant pot is sure to become a favorite among ambitious plant collectors.

2. Good Vibes Funky Phrases Pot: Spread positive energy in your space with the 'Good Vibes' pot. This footed pot features an eye-catching design of pink wavy shapes and squiggles on a terracotta base, with the words 'Good Vibes' written in white script. It's a statement piece that not only holds your plants but also brings a cheerful and uplifting vibe to any room.

Both pots in the Funky Phrases Collection are designed to add a fun and modern touch to your indoor garden. Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for a plant-loving friend or wanting to add some playful charm to your own plant displays, these pots are sure to bring smiles and good vibes to any plant collection.