Goddess of Love Wild Rose Bath Bomb

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Indulge in self-love and care with the Goddess of Love Wild Rose Bath Bomb, a beautifully crafted offering from Sow the Magic. This bath bomb is a tribute to the universal symbol of the Goddess of Love, designed to encourage you to embrace self-compassion and rejuvenation.

Key Features:
- Symbol of Self-Love: Inspired by the Goddess of Love, representing the importance of self-care and adoration.
- Revitalizing Rose Scent: Infused with the enchanting fragrance of wild rose, known for its ability to clear the mind and invigorate the senses.
- Soothing Epsom Salt: Enriched with Epsom Salt to relax and revive sore muscles, providing a therapeutic soak.
- Rose Quartz Gemstone: Discover a Rose Quartz gemstone within each bath bomb, symbolizing love, healing, and emotional harmony.
- Perfect Size: Each bath bomb weighs 4.9 oz., ensuring a luxurious and immersive bathing experience.

The Goddess of Love Wild Rose Bath Bomb is perfect for those moments when you need to pause, indulge in self-care, and embrace the loving energy within and around you. Let this bath bomb gently remind you of the beauty and power of loving yourself.