Granite Crystal Succulent Garden

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Size 7"

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The Granite Crystal Succulent Garden, handcrafted exclusively from Green Fresh Florals + Plants, is designed to bring positive energy and a bit of style to your space. We paired the granite porcelain pedestal bowl from Momma Pots (it's reusable, microwave safe, + food safe) with a selection of hearty, low-maintenance succulents. We incorporated amethyst crystal (protection + stress relief) and selenite crystal (healing energy) on top of a fine layer of sand to promote positive energy, reduce stress, and improve well-being.

The Granite Crystal Succulent Garden is also available in blush, mustard, stone grey, and white. This planting is an ideal low-maintenance gift. Grab a card and let us deliver.


  • 7" or 9" porcelain pedestal bowl
  • Multipurpose & reusable 
  • Low-maintenance planting
  • Includes selenite and amethyst crystals

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