Green Indoors Book

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The Green Indoors Book: Finding the Right Plant for Your Indoor Environment is a useful guide to help plant owners pick the perfect plant for a particular location in your home. The goal is to help plant owners make changes with their current plant assortment and relocate them to improve their health and growth. 

The Green Indoors is divided into chapters that focus on various conditions in a home like intense heat and sun, to shady and cold. Through profiles of each plant that includes everything from their origin to watering, feeding and describing their optimum living conditions, the authors hope to help plant owners improve their green thumb. A chapter on troubeshooting plant issues is included and covers many of the most common problems plant owners are likely to encounter. 


  • Hardcover
  • 176 pages with photography
  • Profiles various indoor plants with care tips
  • A great gift for the advanced plant owner

An ideal gift for the plant fan in your life celebrating a birthday or new apartment, grab a card and have one of our drivers deliver it for you. 

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