Living with Plants | A Guide to Indoor Gardening


Living with Plants | A Guide to Indoor Gardening is one of our most popular books on how to care for your houseplants. The guide provides examples and templates for creating beautiful home displays using houseplants at the center and provides exciting ways to help you transform your home using plants. Many plants are praised for their help in improving air quality in your home along with offering some stylish accents to pull a room together.

This guide offers more than 30 creative projects to help you add some green to your space. From moss wall hanging, potted plants, air plants, terrariums, and more, this guide offers a variety of fun affordable weekend projects that are all focused around plants and your space.

Living with Plants also covers all the basics needed to have a healthy green plant collection from soil propagation, watering, pruning, and cutting your wild vines back. It also offers a variety of tips on how to troubleshoot sick plants and how to nurture them back to health.