Mustard Crystal Succulent Garden

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Size 7"

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The Mustard Crystal Succulent Garden is designed to inspire, promote positive energy, and help create a stylish, calm environment for relaxing. This planting, available in a 7" or 9" bowl dimension, is in a porcelain pedestal bowl designed in San Diego by Momma Pots. This high-quality, contemporary container is unique in shape and bold in color. Both sizes include a unique mix of drought-tolerant succulents, while a 4" aloe vera plant is added to the 9" garden to anchor it.  

A fine layer of colorful rock frames the planting and adds a colorful backdrop to display the unique gemstones placed on top of the stone. We add amethyst to promote stress relief and bring calm to your space, while selenite is added to help dispel negative energy. The result is a bold, modern zen garden ideal for a gift or your personal space. We loved it so much that we created versions in various colors. 

Place your order online for the Mustard Crystal Succulent Garden, pick a card, then have us deliver it.


  • 7" or 9" mustard porcelain pedestal bowl
  • Cactus and succulent plantings
  • Amethyst and selenite gemstones for positive vibes
  • The perfect planting to bring calm to your space or give

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