Petra Croton

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The Petra Croton (Codiaeum variegatum) is a bright indoor plant displaying colored leaves with speckles or veins in contrasting colors. You may see colors of yellow, green, red, and near-black leaves making the Petra Croton both colorful and interesting. 

Croton plants thrive in bright, indirect sunlight in a container with drainage so the roots don't rot. Allow your Croton to dry out completely between waterings. Croton Petra prefers temperatures between 60-75 degrees, as higher temperatures may cause your Croton to wilt slightly. This tropical plant thrives in bright light, so place it where it can get hours of bright light.

Pick a stylish pot to plant your Petra Croton as a gift or for yourself. You may need to repot your Petra in the spring or summer. Our plant staff will gladly pot your new Croton Petra in a unique pot from our store. Grab a card, and our drivers can even deliver it for you.

Sold in the grower's original container.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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