Pink Allusion Syngonium

Size 4"
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The Pink Allusion Syngonium plant (Syngonium Podophyllum) or Arrowhead Syngonium is a hearty pink vine perfect for the beginning indoor gardener. It has arrow-shaped or heart-shaped leaves that thrive in filtered or low-light and moist soil with good drainage.

The Pink Allusion is a vine that will increase, so find a totem pole to guide it as it grows. An ideal option for a hanging planter. We also offer other Allusion Syngonium to choose from depending on the current supply.

Sold in the original nursery container so we highly recommend the addition of a new container with proper drainage for the roots. Check out our Momma Pots Gemstone cylinder if you are looking for a selection of solid colors. For multiple colored pots with drainage take a look at the Chive collection.

Medium, Diffused Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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