Rattan Basket

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Size 13.25"

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Transform your plant display with the timeless charm of our Rattan Basket, a perfect combination of functionality and style. These baskets are an ideal solution for covering less attractive plant pots, seamlessly blending with your home decor while elevating the overall aesthetic of your indoor greenery.

Available in two practical sizes, our Rattan Baskets cater to a variety of plant dimensions. The 13.25" basket, with its 9.75" opening, is perfectly suited for medium-sized plants, making it a versatile option for many common houseplants. For those with larger, more robust greenery, the 16" basket features an 11" opening, providing ample space and support.

Each basket is expertly crafted from authentic wood rattan, lending a natural, earthy hue that complements any plant variety. A recyclable plastic interior protects your basket and floor from water damage.

Whether you are a dedicated plant enthusiast or simply looking for a stylish home accent, our Rattan Baskets offer a unique and versatile choice for any interior. Elevate your plants with these elegant baskets and add a touch of organic elegance to your home.