Silver Dragon Alocasia

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Unless you are a plant collector, it is unlikely you are familiar with the Silver Dragon Alocasia, a rare indoor plant. Relatively small in size, it exhibits silver coated, textured or scale-like leaves that resemble dragon scales. A popular plant for those who collect plants, and the devoted plant lover, the Silver Dragon looks like a plant from a magical land. It is currently available in a 4" grower's container.

New leaves emerge relatively small and smooth, featuring a jade-green hue. As the leaf matures, it grows significantly larger, developing a shield-like shape with grooves and donning a silvery-sage color. The Silver Dragon stays fairly compact with the plant reaching about 2 feet tall and wide. The leaves themselves can reach up to about 8 inches long by 6 inches wide which relative to the plant's small stature, is quite large! When this plant is in its utmost condition, it can bloom an inflorescence (though this is rare indoors). 

Place it near a window so it received indirect bright light but away from drafts of air from doors or vents as it may irritate your plant. The Silver Dragon prefers damp soil but be sure that you use a pot with a drainage hole so the roots are not sitting in water. A fan of humidity, mist on occasion or set your plant on a bed of rocks with water to increase the humidity it receives.

Sold in the original nursery container. We highly recommend picking a new container with drainage and suggest a Gemstone cylinder from Momma Pots or a colorful container from Chive. Both offer pots with drainage holes and saucers to catch excess water. 

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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