Spray Sprinkler Watering Jug

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Color Aqua Blue

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If your weekly routine involves watering and misting numerous plants, consider the heavy-duty Spray Sprinkler Watering Jug by Time Concepts. Made of heavy plastic, the Spray Sprinkler Watering Jug is a dual-purpose spray mister and a watering jug that holds 34 oz. The large watering/misting capacity helps limit the number of refill trips and turns a "chore" of misting and watering your plants into a "joy."

Everyone needs a good watering can, and this jug carries an amount that is not too heavy on the arm but minimizes trips back for a refill. While shopping, look at our latest plant arrivals and new containers.

Available in six colors: white, green, olive, blue, blue-grey, and orange. 


  • Dual use: heavy-duty plastic spray mister and watering spout
  • Large capacity: 34 oz
  • Six colors
  • Reduce trips to refill and make plant watering easy