String of Pearls

Size 4"
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The String of Pearls is a plant full of unique shapes and textures that make it visually exciting and one you might consider adding to your plant collection. The String of Pearls is a succulent that grows equally well indoors and out, is low maintenance, and is fast-growing. It thrives in locations with bright, indirect sunlight.

The String of Pearls plant is ideal for hanging as its vines of green balls will trail over the container to lengths of 2-3 feet, creating a curtain of green balls. As a succulent, the String of Pearls prefers sandy soil that offers good drainage. Explore our collection of planters + pots and we will gladly pot your new friend in the container of your choice for free. Available for curbside pickup or delivery.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.