Stromanthe Calathea Triostar

Size 4"
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The Stromanthe Calathea Triostar (Stromanthe Sanguinea) is a beauty with green, and white splashed like an abstract piece of art that glows with pinkish hues. This plant will grab the attention of your guests with its star quality. The Triostar, however, is a more challenging plant to grow, so we do not recommend it for beginners.

Your Stromanthe Calathea Triostar prefers bright, indirect light conditions but does not like direct sunlight. Plant it with rich potting soil in a well-drained pot. 

The trick to a healthy Triostar is to give it plenty of humidity so a humidifier would be well received. If you know a talented plant lover that you want to gift the Triostar, grab a card, and have our drivers deliver for you.

Bright, Indirect Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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