Stromanthe Calathea Triostar

Size 4"
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Introducing the Stromanthe Calathea Triostar, a true work of art in the plant world. With leaves that boast a captivating mix of green and white, splashed together like an abstract painting and accented with pinkish hues, this plant is a visual delight. The Triostar's striking appearance ensures it will capture the attention of your guests and add a touch of dramatic flair to any space.

Care Guide:
- Light Requirements: Thrives in bright, indirect light but must be shielded from direct sunlight to prevent leaf burn.
- Soil Needs: Plant in rich, well-draining potting soil to support its growth and health.
- Humidity: This plant loves moisture; keeping it in a humid environment is key. Use a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity levels and keep your Triostar looking its best.

Ideal For:
- Experienced plant enthusiasts looking for a challenge.
- Adding a vibrant, artistic touch to homes or offices.
- Making a statement in plant collections with its unique and striking foliage.

The Stromanthe Calathea Triostar is not recommended for beginners due to its specific care needs, making it a perfect gift for the seasoned plant lover in your life. Pair it with a thoughtful card and take advantage of our delivery service to send a stunning and memorable gift directly.

Bright, Indirect Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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