Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador

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The snowball-like look of the Tillandsia Tectorum Ecuador (small) makes it a popular choice for collectors and fascinating to observe. On a shelf, in a bowl or part of a larger collection of air plants, the Tectorum Ecuador is a keeper. This fuzzy air plant is covered with a layer of dense trichomes to help it absorb water in nature. Drought-tolerant, they thrive in low-humidity and bright sunlight so it only needs a little misting (no soaking) to stay happy. Give it plenty of light and allow it to dry out completely between mistings.

The larger Tectorum specimens are between 4"-5" wide and 2"-3" tall. The small size, which is what we stock in the Tectorum Ecuador, is approximately 2"-3" wide and 1.5"-2" tall.

Add the small Tectorum Ecuador to your collection today!