Variegated Desert Cactus

Size 10"
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The Variegated Desert Cactus (Euphorbia ammak or Candelabra Spurge) is a succulent that takes the shape of a branched candelabra. Architectural in shape, the Variegated Desert Cactus has a pale yellow and blue-green marbled surface with thick spines. This succulent thrives in direct sunlight with only a small amount of water but too much sun will cause burn marks.

This specimen is an excellent indoor plant as it is easy to maintain and the size and shape will be a unique addition to your space, and your plant collection. Each specimen is unique and averages about 20"-22" tall. Sold in the original grower's container, this specimen is ready to be planted in a 10-12" decorative planter. Our staff will gladly pot it for you, complimentary.


  • Variegated Desert Cactus
  • Thrives in direct sun with limited water
  • Easy to maintain and visually engaging
  • Pair it with a ceramic planter and our staff will pot it for you, free.

Bright, Indirect Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.

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