White Butterfly Syngonium

Size 4"
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The White Butterfly Syngonium (Syngonium podophyllum) is a variety of Syngonium with white leaves shaped like arrowheads giving it a second name, "Arrowhead Syngonium". Once mature, this variety will display leaves that will be approximately 80% white with a range of green shades. Like other Syngoniums, the White Butterfly is a low-maintenance heart houseplant making it popular in hanging planters or a tabletop pot. The Syngonium is a versatile plant that can thrive in a range of lighting conditions, from low-light to diffused, bright light.

The White Butterfly Syngonium is sold in the original nursery container. Pick a stylish new pot to give it a home from our online collection and we will be more than happy to plant it up for you.

Medium, Diffused Light

Not recommended for homes with pets.