Wood Mounted Staghorn Fern

Size 6"x16" Plaque
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The Wood Mounted Staghorn Fern (Platycerium bifurcatum) is a stunning epiphytic plant that naturally grows on other plants or trees. The Staghorn has large bifurcated "leaves" called fronds that grow from the center of the plant. The fronds are called antler fronds, shaped like a deer's antlers. The Staghorn's roots are covered by a second frond circular in shape called a shield frond. The shield frond starts out green, then turns brown and dries out, protecting the root system and helping the plant retain moisture. The brown shield frond is not a sign of distress and should not be removed. 

This Staghorn fern is attached to a wood board and is relatively easy to care for and propagate. Hang it outside in a shaded area protected from direct sunlight. Place your staghorn where it can be watered regularly, and the water draining will not be an issue. Many people place their staghorns in shady areas of trees or on a post outside of direct sunlight. Because the Staghorn fern has a small root system, it is susceptible to root rot, so while you need to water it frequently, let it dry out in between.

Medium, Diffused Light

Recommended for homes with pets.