Zebra Haworthia

Size 2.5"
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The Zebra Haworthia (Haworthia fasciata) is one of the more fascinating succulents given its striped leaves that it is named after. It has thick, dark green leaves with white horizontal stripes on the outside of the leaves, while the inside of the leaves is smooth.

The Zebra Haworthia is perfect for beginners because it grows well indoors and is easy to maintain. Like other succulents, the Zebra thrives on bright, diffused light. Drought tolerant, only water after your succulent soil is dry.

Sold in the original grower's container available in 2.5" & 4". Be sure to check out our online pot collection. Buy a pot for your new plant, and we will gladly plant it for you. Pet friendly.

Bright, Indirect Light

Recommended for homes with pets.

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